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Please, run away… The way this is headed, I am going to kill you… So… run away…! I’m begging you… Don’t make me a killer.

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Pirate!Free! postcard set = 7=; for ComicWorld 2014

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"That man, with his silver hair bathed in blood. His form on the battlefield, it was truly that of.. a demon"

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Several months ago I read the horror yaoi manga Sleeping Moon (if you haven’t read it, go do so immediately). It got me wondering, are there other horror yaoi/BL manga? Preferably released in English? If anyone knows of any, please please please let me know! Even if it just has horror elements, I’d love to read it. Also interested in horror shoujo or josei manga.

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Haikyuu!! ep.21 | Sugawara Koushi appreciation post

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ambells asked: Bless you! I was so pissed when I first read the manga and THE SCENE came. It really made me like Kou a little less. He is so bloody stupid.

Thanks! Yeah the scene rubbed me the wrong way. I know he was just written that way and it reflects a larger problem with how rape is perceived in society and all (that it’s something girls can somehow guard against and they’re being careless when they get anywhere near a dude outside a classroom). But it’s still really irritating and made Kou look like an asshole. He wasn’t exactly a sweetheart before but dang.

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Okay so I’d been hearing about a scene in the new episode of Ao Haru Ride (people were excitedly referring to it as “THE scene”) and it seemed like something really great and awesome was going to happen and I went into it all excited but… what I got was something pretty gross and terrible.

Spoilers for the newest episode of Ao Haru Ride (episode 8 I think).

tw: Rape

I’ll just say it: What Kou did to Futaba was terrible. The way he did it was terrible. The reasoning behind it was terrible. It was just an overall terrible scene, and I’m honestly kinda shocked that more people haven’t had a negative reaction to it (just browsing the tag, I only saw two mentions of the scene in a negative light, the rest was just post after post of people celebrating the scene and being all doki doki excited about it and how romantic and amazing it was; I am genuinely baffled).

It is NEVER okay for a guy to pretend he’s going to rape a girl for the purpose of frightening her. EVER. It’s just about the most unromantic thing I can imagine. And the fact that I’ve seen it pop up in a lot of other shoujo just makes this one more example of a really problematic trope. Setting aside the completely ridiculous notion of a guy having to explain how scary rape is to a girl, it was just a shitty thing for him to do.

But let’s talk about his reasoning for it, since that seems to be the defense people trot out when anyone has a problem with Kou’s behavior (I found some discussion of the manga version of the scene in a forum). He wanted to scare her because he wanted her to realize how easy it would be for someone to rape her so that she would keep her guard up.

First of all, how the hell can a girl “keep her guard up” against rape? Do we have some kind of magical anti-rape shield that springs up around our crotches? What exactly did Kou want from her? What did she do that implied to him she had “let her guard down”? Was it daring to leave the safety of her home after sundown? Walking down a well-lit, populated street? Sitting beside and speaking to a boy she goes to school with, is friends with, and has known for years? Where did she go wrong? And how could she have done better in Kou’s eyes? Walk around in full riot gear? Carry a knife in one hand and a can of mace in the other?

No. The sad truth is that Kou is saying the very fact that she walked down a street (yes, a well-lit one full of people) after sundown means she has “let her guard down” and will likely be raped. The fact that she felt comfortable talking to him, a friend she’d known since middle school, was a sign of carelessness. And what’s the best way to punish her for that carelessness and show her the error of her ways? Pretend you’re going rape her, of course! So she can see how scary it is! Because silly girls have no idea how scary rape is until a helpful guy comes along to show them.

The whole scene basically read as Kou saying, “You were walking around like a normal human being and not being terrified of every male who came within ten feet of you! That’s unacceptable so let me show you how scary men can be!”

And the result of all this is Futaba sobbing. Yes, she says it’s mainly because she’s embarrassed that she got excited when he pinned her down, but she says it’s also because she actually was scared when it happened. And then she just accepted it. And we’re all supposed to swoon because it’s a sign that Kou cares about her. He cares so much about the threat of her being raped that he’s going to totally shut down that whole “going outside like a normal person without being crippled by fear” thing she had going on. And if she does ever get raped? Now she’ll know it was because she didn’t keep her magical rape-guard up.

Honestly I was really loving this show and was totally into Kou/Futaba as a pairing until this scene popped up. It certainly won’t make me stop watching, but I’ll definitely be looking at Kou in a different light. Because even if he had the best intentions in the world? It is never freaking okay to pretend you’re going to rape a girl for the purpose of frightening her.

Sorry for the rant. Was just surprised by all the praise the scene got and the almost complete lack of critical discussion of it. It’s okay if you found the scene hot or exciting or whatever, but please don’t forget that it was a shitty thing for Kou to do and that the ideas behind the scene are very problematic.

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 this 100% deserves a complete photoset 

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