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Now then, let us start the dinner show.

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militarypenguin replied to your post: laurahonest replied to your post: Watc…

Oh man…what was it..

I don’t know how familiar you are with Dramatical Murder, but I’ll just say it involved amputations, chains, and cages. If you haven’t played the game and don’t care about spoilers, do a google image search for “Dramatical Murder Clear Route”.

You and I have both seen much worse I know but it just surprised me since so far the anime is fairly light-hearted and Clear (the silver-haired guy) is kind of a silly comic relief guy. FOR NOW.

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That is what i am afraid of every time I look for anything anime/game/manga related that isn’t years old :(

I usually avoid looking for anything like that too, but in this case I wasn’t really concerned about spoilers. It was just… the picture itself…

You can’t unsee some things.

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Mikorin's Game Rage

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Watching the Dramatical Murder anime and thinking Clear is so cute so I decided to google images from the game hoping to see some sweet or steamy shots of him with Aoba. First pic is the one from Clear’s bad end.

I shouldn’t have looked.

dorks everywhere

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Dramatical Murder EP 2  // ノイズ  //  N O I Z  

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Used by Lightning, the gunblades are capable of both melee and long-range use. Sergeant Major Amodar mentions that Lightning’s initial weapon, the Blazefire Saber, is a weapon only used by the most skilled soldiers.

texture credit, gunblade animation

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Kuroshitsuji BOC episode 3

m i l e  &  l a c k

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What fans of L make him look like:


What he really looks like:


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usagi knows what’s up

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